A Bible-based church for today – a home for all who seek refuge in the LORD.

Society has been irreversibly transformed due to the global pandemic. These changes have affected the way we have historically been and done church. However, during these unprecedented times, the Gospel of the Kingdom is greatly needed. The Word of God remains not only relevant but is the source of life, peace, hope and salvation for a suffering world.

The pandemic has facilitated the need in people to examine how they engage in everyday interactions and activities. Such changes avail the Body of Messiah an opportunity to reach out into people’s lives and bring the Good news of Jesus the Messiah through virtual platforms. Enabling churches to have a virtual community and a geographical home.

The Lost Sheep Fellowship is both a virtual church that goes into the highways and byways of the internet to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom and one that is establishing a geographically UK based home for a community of believers.

Our Meetings 

The Lost Sheep Fellowship is made up of people from the UK and further afield who are united in their love for the LORD and His word. We are a community who seek to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah to a fractured and dying world. 

The Fellowship meets virtually, utilising various platforms, like Zoom and Band for engagement in weekly meetings and to access our various resources.

If you would like to join us or find out more about us then please email 'info@thelostsheepcommunity.org' or use the contact form below. 


Time of teaching and worship


Discipleship class and Bible study


Catch up and faith building 

We also gather at times through out the year for worship and discipleship,

and for the various  Feasts of the LORD 

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